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This World EV Day, let's have a look at why clean mobility is the way to go!

Every 9th of September has been dedicated to electric mobility i.e, to clean mobility in order to raise awareness about the benefits of electric vehicles. The main objective of world EV Day is to accelerate the adoption of EVs across the globe.

With countries all over the world setting targets for emissions-free transportation, India is not far behind. By 2030, India aims to become a 100% electric vehicle nation, with emission-free transportation. On this World EV Day, BluSmart not only supports this initiative but also pledges to expand its electric charging infrastructure so that the biggest current roadblock is slowly eradicated.

With the biggest electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India, our hubs are currently operational at Kapashera, IGI Airport, Ansal Plaza, Spaze iTech Park, Wazirabad, and Vasant Square mall. These hubs are equipped with more than 200 (DC) fast chargers and more than 150 AC chargers.

On this World EV Day, we've partnered with Jio-bp to expand our electric charging infrastructure further, all across India. With the help of this partnership, we aim at opening multiple such hubs across India.

EVs are not only good for the planet but for you too!

Globally, climate change has already impacted our environment to a very large extent due to the emissions produced by human activities. The automotive industry plays a very important role in combating the adverse effects of climate change.

And, to reduce the increasing emissions and save our planet from the climatic meltdown, EVs are being propelled. Doing away with fuels based vehicles and adopting electric vehicles is undoubtedly what our planet needs to deal with climate change in the present and the future. Fuel-based vehicles emit thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions every year. EV’s are not only addressing these concerns, but are quite hi-tech too.

Most of us don’t own an EV but we can definitely think of a switch while buying our next or while booking our next ride!

1. EVs are cost-effective!

As compared to conventional gasoline vehicles EVs are cheaper to run. The cost of running an electric vehicle is 40% less than running the same vehicle on gasoline.

2. Easy - breezy to maintain

Servicing cost is relatively less and requires less maintenance due to fewer moving parts than gasoline vehicles.

3. Noiseless rides all the time

Yes, you read that right! Electric vehicles tend to make extremely low levels of noise, reducing the noise pollution too!

4. Good for your & my health!

Electric vehicles do not emit harmful emissions or PM matter, which can enter the human body and cause health, skin, and brain-related disorders.

5. And even better for the environment!

By switching to an electric vehicle you’re reducing humongous amounts of harmful emissions and saving non - renewable fuels to a very large extent.

The future of travel is undoubtedly electric. With new innovations and technologies being developed every day, which can significantly reduce the anxieties related to driving an EV, there has never been a better time to join the EV revolution.

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