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World Earth Day: Here are Our Top 5 #EcoWarriors 2022

Electric vehicles are here to stay. That’s a bold statement to start this piece with, but it sure seems so.

And while we’re helping Delhi NCR ride smarter each day, we’re expanding to help more and more people around the country ride smarter each day with us.

On the occasion of Earth Day 2022, we look at some of our #EVWarriors from 2022 and how they saved several kilograms of CO2, further strengthening the goal of BluSmart to change the way India moves around.

Saving CO2 with BluSmart

BluSmart electronic cabs in Gurgaon. Delhi-Gurgaon highway
BluSmart: EV Cabs for a sustainable future

CO2 emissions from vehicles have always been one of the largest sources of pollutants in Delhi NCR. Add to it, the usual unreliability of cabs, people are forced to resort to their personal vehicles at times.

Keeping that in mind, with our zero driver cab cancellation features and a relief from the exorbitant surge prices, we've been aiming to bring a paradigm shift towards ride-hailing in Delhi NCR.

Each BluSmart ride allows users to see how many kilograms of CO2 they ended up saving on this cab ride.

The Top 5 #EcoWarriors of BluSmart in 2022

On the occasion of Earth Day, we look back at some of our riders who ended up saving the most amount of CO2 with their BluSmart rides.

To give you all a better context about the amount of CO2 saved, and what impact it makes, we've compared the kilograms of CO2 with the equivalent amount of trees.

Presenting the top 5 #EcoWarriors of 2022

Investing in a Better Planet, One EV At A Time

The EV technology is fairly new and still developing at each and every step. The world of electric mobility has made some amazing strides and it continues to do so.

This Earth Day's theme is- Investing in a better planet

With the motive of creating a better India, we're moving forward to provide sustainable ride-hailing and mobility options. At BluSmart we're constantly increasing our fleet to include more and more EVs for a sustainable world in front of us.

Let's invest in our planet, by taking smaller steps together, creating a bigger impact.

Wishing everyone a Happy Earth Day!

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