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Transforming mobility with each charge!

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Delhi, the capital city of India has been the most polluted city in the world for three consecutive years. With rapid urbanization, transport and commute being the major contributors to increasing toxic carbon emissions.

With urban commuting largely dependent on app-based ride-hailing services, these companies contribute to 6% of the total carbon emissions caused by internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE).

That being said, the ride-hailing industry in India can play a very crucial role in combating climate change, given its impact on the decreasing air quality. It is extremely important now that the ride-hailing industry should accelerate, adopt, and deploy the use of electric vehicles.

We at BluSmart want to bring a change in the way people travel in urban India. Our objective is to transform cities by providing 100% electric, sustainable, affordable and reliable mobility solutions, along with building a charging infrastructure that helps people in the adoption of EVs without worrying about the limitations and high operational costs.

Having the largest EV charging infrastructure in India, our hubs are currently operational at Kapashera, IGI Airport, Ansal Plaza, Spaze iTech Park, Wazirabad, and Vasant Square mall. Each of these hubs has a capacity of charging up to 25 - 35 cars at a time. In total, these hubs are equipped with more than 200 (DC) fast chargers and more than 150 AC chargers which take about 75 minutes and 6 hours respectively, to charge a car.

Our plan is to help quicken the pace of EV adoption by building a stable ecosystem of charging infrastructure. That’s why we’re constructing more hubs in many areas of Delhi including South extension and Dwarka to enrich the last mile connectivity of EVs. We’re looking forward to constructing and opening 130 such hubs all over Delhi, with an aim to increase the availability of chargers, to reduce the risk of vehicles running out of battery while they are on the run.

We want to ensure that with the construction and expansion of our charging hubs, more and more people will be able to adopt EVs without having to think twice. And, together we will be able to drive towards our collective ambition of cleaner and greener mobility for a better India.

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