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Tips To Keep in Mind When Travelling in an Inter-city cab

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

BluSmart Intercity EV Cabs
Travelling Intercity? Make these smart choices

Travelling inter-city in a cab is an experience in itself.

There are many who travel in an inter-city cab on a regular basis. However, there’s a section of the audience that’s yet to explore it.

The purpose behind opting for an inter-city cab may differ from one person to another. For some, it might be for work, while others might use it for leisure.

So, whether you are an old-timer travelling in an inter-city cab or someone who’s yet to try it for the first time, there are a few things that you should know about.

Plan your travel in advance

Intercity cabs in Delhi NCR
Planning your travel in advance can help you avoid last minute hassles

If you’re planning to take an intercity cab, it's always better to plan your travel in advance. Ensuring that you carry all the essentials that you might need can make your ride much more comfortable. Charge your electronics in advance and keep your essentials handy, such as medicines, earphones, face masks and wallets as per your requirements.

Take necessary breaks

Electric cabs in Delhi NCR
Taking breaks during the journey can make it less tiring

Road journeys are fun. However, for journeys that can be long enough, sitting in a cab in a single position can be tiresome for many. Taking timely breaks during your journey is always recommended to make the overall journey more comfortable, exciting and enjoyable.

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Communicate with your driver

When driving on long journeys, one of the closest aides that you have. Before going on a road trip, you can let the driver know about precautions or things that you need to convey. Whether it's about the air conditioning, the music system, the speed or driving style and conditions. Communicating all of this to your driver-partner can help you in having a comfortable ride to your destination.

Destination to destination ride

Before booking an inter-city cab, ensure that the ride ensures it is a destination to destination ride rather than just reaching the city. This means that you can enter the specific location that you want to get to, within the place that you are visiting.

Cancellation charges

Many cab companies have a policy of charging cancellation fees on intercity cab bookings. This means that in case your plans end up getting cancelled, you might end up paying an extra amount for the same. Check for the cab company’s cancellation policy before booking your ride. With BluSmart Rentals you can cancel your booking up to 1 hour prior to your scheduled ride time without any hidden fees.

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Plan Your Intercity Ride With BluSmart

With BluSmart, feel free to book your intercity travel from Delhi to cities like Chandigarh and Jaipur and cities within 100 kilometres of Delhi NCR.

Ride in a squeaky clean cab, and enjoy door-to-door services, no cancellation charges if you need to cancel it before an hour of your ride’s scheduled departure and more.

You can ride a BluSmart Intercity cab by becoming a BluPrive member. To unlock your Blu Prive membership book your rides and collect points, with each kilometre you ride, counted as a single point.

Keep riding with us, and you never know, you might get an invite to join the BluPrive membership. So, whenever you're planning to travel intercity, make the SMART choice.

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