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Who's That Bolt?: Welcoming the Updated BluSmart Logo

We got a revamp.

The BluSmart logo underwent a few changes, only to come out with a fresher and better look and feel.

And, right after Diwali, it was there- the months of efforts, thinking, brainstorming and rejections later, BluSmart had a new identity.

It might seem like an ornamental change, but we want to get candid about it, and let you know what’s the idea that went behind in revamping the existing logo.

Renergizing The Bolt: What went behind the logo?

The new logo came into the picture around 5 months ago, in the middle of the year. We relooked at our existing logo and figured there were quite a few things we believed could change. So, the process began.

The brief was simple: ‘It should bring out what we really believe in’.

Behind every step we take here at BluSmart, the rationale is to understand, how is it going to impact two of our most important stakeholders: Our riders and our driver-partners. While it might not seem like a change that’s of a very big magnitude, it certainly will change the way both of our stakeholders are going to look at BluSmart again.

The key values which helped us redirect our thoughts and streamline into a single direction were:

a) Reliability: Every ride and every experience for our riders should convey a sense of reliability and trust, which had to be present in the upcoming logo version.

b) Consistency: The feeling of getting a sense of assurance every time is what our riders prefer. While others might find it restricting, we love to be predictable, with an idea that ‘predictability unleashes potential’.

c) Responsibility: We plan to go the extra mile, and hold responsibilities for our actions. Saving extra emissions, giving a stress-free ride experience, and ensuring a safe and secure environment for our driver-partners are some of the actions we hold ourselves accountable for.

The Idea Behind the New BluSmart Logo

When it comes to our riders and driver-partners, there are three basic values that we take into consideration- reliability, consistency, and responsibility.

We went to the drawing board and focused on keeping it simple and creating something that exuded a sense of peace of mind and stability. The ‘B’ from ‘BluSmart’ had to remain, considering that’s what many of our existing customers know us from.

Here are things that went behind bringing you the upgraded logo:

A smoother font

Starting with the first bit, we customised the logo’s font. The font conveyed an essence of ‘peace of mind’ because of its smooth, round edges which also encapsulate the commitment towards a sense of serenity, and reliability.

Inspired by sustainability

Going for rounder, smoother edges instead of a sharper version, we wanted to resonate with the smooth and synchronous flow of nature, that reflects in a calmer manner in the new logo. Being a brand that keeps nature and sustainability at the forefront, our new BluSmart logo is a testament to that.

A brighter blue

Another step to this was to opt for a brighter version of blue. A shade of blue that is brighter, gives a sense of optimism towards a future that is better for everyone.

Keeping it simple

The new logo isn’t a very far-fetched idea from our existing logo, and that’s the idea.

While we went through a ton of ‘Logo Final.png’ and ‘Logo Final Final.png’ files, at the end of the day, it became clear to us that the idea was to give it a refreshing touch, rather than turning things around completely.

Conclusion: A New Identity, With the Same Reliability

The new BluSmart isn’t a complete revamp, it’s a retouch to the good that was there, and exemplifies the same in our day-to-day lives.

As we grow, evolve, and learn, we aim to get the best for you at each step. And that’s what the new BluSmart logo is all about.

From every BluSmart you take from your home, your workplace, or just spot one on the road, you’d still resonate with the values it holds true for, but in a newer light.

Here’s to change, while keeping the good intact.

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