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Surge Price While Booking Cabs? Here's What You Should Know

If you’re someone who rides regularly by using cabs, the term surge pricing might ring a bell to you.

Surge pricing has long been debated by governments, customers and other important stakeholders. While cab aggregators mention it is a way to maintain the right demand and supply equilibrium, it has often been cited as a way to overcharge the customers.

So, how does surge pricing work? What are the elements involved in determining surge pricing for your cab rides? And is there a way you can beat surge pricing?

Read this complete blog to get answers to all these questions and more, as we cover the surge pricing mechanism and how BluSmart might be a way to go.

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What is surge pricing?

women drivers standing in front of surge free BluSmart cabs
Surge pricing? Tried BluSmart yet?

To put it simply, surge pricing is the premium that a customer pays while they’re taking a ride as the demand rises. To put this into context, it works similar to when you try booking a flight and the prices differ from one hour to another.

The demand and supply equilibrium comes into play here. The number of people requesting a cab exceeds the number of cab driver partners available on the road to cater to them. This surge price is added to the base fare that’s decided by the cab aggregator.

How is surge price calculated on cab rides?

The surge pricing during a period of time is decided by the cab aggregators themselves. As we mentioned earlier, the cost of booking a flight is dependent upon the demand, time, destination and occupancy etc.

It’s somewhat similar when you book a cab during peak demand hours.

So, as the surge pricing gets active it works like a notification for cab drivers to come out and stabilise the equilibrium. As surge works like a way to earn extra fare over the base fare, it usually helps cab aggregators to utilise the idle cab driver-partners as well.

How can you tackle surge prices?

Surge prices have been a topic of discussion for a few years now. The Delhi Government had decided to do away with surge prices during the Odd-Even scheme in Delhi. However, there have been a lot of developments since then.

Delhi Government and the Central Government have been proactive in looking into solutions against the rampant surge pricing. As per the latest guidelines, the cab aggregators have been advised to cap the surge price to not more than 50% of the base fare.

While the battle for surge prices, goes on, we at BluSmart have been working against it. Keep reading to know more.

Beat the Surge: Ride with BluSmart

When you book a BluSmart cab, you get into the world of new possibilities that cab mobility can provide.

With BluSmart, you don’t need to fret about surge prices for your regular rides from Point A to Point B. This ensures that you get the same estimated price every time you schedule a ride.

Instead of a rider paying a surge price, the flat fares involved are there to ensure that customers tend to receive the final benefit. No matter what the situation and/or demand is, whenever you schedule your BluSmart you get the same amount.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure that our drivers are not exploited, there is a cancellation fee involved that is activated after waiting for over 10 minutes of the scheduled ride time.

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The Mobility Revolution is Here

EV in front of Cyber Hub Gurgaon
BluSmart: Surge pricing free cab services in Delhi NCR

The flat fare on every BluSmart ride is a testament to the fact that mobility needs a revolution and has to be more consumer-oriented. And, it isn’t just limited to flat fares and/or zero surge prices. You don’t need to worry about the driver cancelling at the last minute.

Hence, saving you a lot of phone calls, stress and time.

So every time you book a BluSmart, you get a host of other benefits that might not be present elsewhere. The enhanced customer-focused approach allows us to cater to them better and hence ensure an efficient customer experience and support.

Tired of surge prices? Try a BluSmart today

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