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Surge-free rides all the time!

Whether you’re commuting to work, travelling to the airport, coming back from a pub or just visiting a friend, cabs are the most convenient choice.

Book, board and voila, you’ve arrived at your destination.

But, as soon as you request a ride to go back to the same place where you’re coming from, you might encounter a shock! The shock of hefty fare being charged for the same trip, that you took at an affordable price just a few hours ago.

That’s because of ‘Surge Pricing’!

Surge pricing most of the time leads to many riders being stranded alone on the road due to the unfair charges.

We know that when you’re requesting a ride you’re just not expecting a cab to come to pick you up, but it’s also ‘Reliability’ and ‘Safety’ that you’re looking forward to whenever you’re hitting the road!

However, with BluSmart the hassles of paying unnecessary surge are gone. We will never leave you stranded alone in the darkest of nights or brightest of days.

With our Flat Fares policy, only pay for the distance you’ve travelled.

Whether you’re headed out for your weekly grocery shopping, going out for a party, or running to work during peak hours, our fares will always remain the same. With kilometres based flat fares, you will always be aware of what you will be charged before you hop in and are set for your destination.

Unlike many other cab aggregators, we won’t surprise you with burdensome fares. We certainly aren’t full of surprises, but are quite fair and transparent when it comes to charging fares!

We’re not only India’s first all-electric ride-hailing service, but also the first one to put an end to charging surge and burning a hole in your pocket. Because being reliable and safe is at the core of our operations. And, we make sure that you get a reliable ride at the tap of your fingers, every time.

Hence, whenever you’re hitting the road, without a doubt, you can bid goodbye to your car keys and opt for BluSmart for a reliable, safe and surge-free ride to your destination.

We’ll never dupe you and that’s our promise to you. ❤️

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