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#SaferAlways: Today, tomorrow, everyday!

2020 turned our world upside down. Chaos prevailed but so did hope. No matter how challenging it was, the bygone year taught us some crucial lessons. Most important of them being the sheer necessity of safety and hygiene.

We, at BluSmart, were quick to adapt ourselves to this ‘New Normal’ of which sanitization was the foundation. We immediately reinvented ourselves with elevated safety practices that help curb the spread immensely and comforts our community of drivers and riders.

Eventually, the first wave subsided, cases started declining and people once again started re-entering the places that were once so familiar to them. But, even then we didn’t let our guards down. We continued to implement the same stringent safety measures throughout.

First wave or second, we’re #SaferAlways!

Our constant endeavour has been to continuously innovate and improve ourselves for the safety of our community. Now that we’ve been hit by the second wave, the times are tough again. But even in these trying times, we’ve still made sure that your every ride with BluSmart is #SaferAlways.

With the following precautionary measures in place, we always made sure that moving safely and freely is the least of our riders’ worries.

  • Mandatory Masks:

BluSmart has made it compulsory that all riders and drivers wear a mask.

  • Frequent Sanitization:

BluSmart cabs are sanitized before and after every ride and disinfected at charging hubs, twice daily. Last sanitization time of the cab is also visible on the BluSmart app.

  • Driver health check:

BluSmart drivers undergo thorough health checks and their temperature is measured twice daily. Before boarding the ride, you can always check your driver’s temperature on the BluSmart app.

  • Safety Separator Sheets:

Protective sheets have been installed in driver cockpits to minimize the risk of transmission.

What more are we doing to make your commute #SaferAlways?

We’ve initiated a COVID 19 vaccination program for all our driver-partners. This drive will not only make sure that each ride is #SaferAlways, but will also benefit all our driver-partners and will help them to drive with more confidence.

Moreover, to help you board our cabs with ease, we’ve introduced a feature in our BluSmart mobile app - a Golden Badge, that will inform the riders if their driver-partner has been vaccinated.

No matter what the circumstances are, we will always ensure that our riders and driver-partners are #SaferAlways with us.

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