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Ride with confidence with BluSmart!

Bright black and yellow taxis once dominated the busy streets of India. People were highly dependent on these taxis and auto-rickshaws for their commuting needs.

The landscape soon changed when giant cab aggregators entered the market and disrupted it with their ‘cab on a tap’ feature. People were no longer burdened with the fact that they will have to chase a taxicab down the street.

However, safety and reliability remained a major concern for the ride hailers.

Ever since its inception, BluSmart's motto has been crystal clear. We have always emphasized on the importance of reliable, sustainable and safe mobility.

We’re not only helping people move in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner but are also making sure that while they are on the road, they're moving safely. Therefore, we continually try to one-up our efforts to ensure that when one boards a BluSmart they're sitting in the safest cab in town.

Our 5-star rated drivers are committed to providing you with the safest and most reliable rides, whether it’s a day or a night. Our drivers are not just ordinary beings sitting behind the wheels, they are our Heroes helping each one of us move safely.

For us, our driver-partners and our riders' safety and well-being have been of utmost importance, and that’s why we’ve installed physical panic buttons in our cabs. If you’re panic-stricken or are feeling perturbed, you can always hit the panic button for help.

Not only this, to take your safety to the next level we’ve introduced a trip sharing feature in our BluSmart mobile app that will help our riders move freely. If you’re caught up in the traffic during late hours or are running late to go back home, you can always share your ride status with someone you trust for peace of mind.

How to share?

1. Tap on the ‘Share My Trip’ tab on the driver details section.

2. Select your contacts with whom you want to share the trip.

3. People you’re sharing your trip with will be able to see you live on a map along with the driver partner’s details.

We know how important it is to feel safe and secure and that’s why we’ve always got your back and someone whom you can trust will have your back too!

We’ve always wanted our riders to ride with confidence with BluSmart. To make sure that it happens, we’re constantly innovating and building new features and leaving no stone unturned to ensure safe and reliable rides for everyone!

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