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Reduce your carbon footprint with every ride and get #CO2seAzaadi

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

India was in a state of war for around 90 years, fighting for its independence. And, after almost 75 years of Independence, we’re again on the verge of fighting a war! A war against carbon emissions; a war for the need to breathe better and live cleaner.

The increasing carbon emissions are choking our planet like never before and are putting the lives of millions of people at risk. All around the world, climate change is severely impacting the rainfall patterns, sea and ocean levels and forests.

With the picture being clearer of the past, present and future, it is essential that we understand and take stand for where we’re headed and what can be done to save ourselves from the devastating effects of climate change.

Did you know?

4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide is emitted by an average vehicle per year. Additionally, automobiles not only emit CO2, but they also produce methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbons that have a hazardous impact on the environment. But, a vehicle that fully relies and operates on electricity won’t emit any tailpipe emissions apart from water vapor.

With BluSmart, keep a track of the number of carbon emissions you’ve saved!

It is crucial for us to be more aware and conscious of our decisions and actions.

That’s why we’ve launched a ‘Carbon Emission Tracker’ in our apps that will indicate the amount of carbon emissions saved by you. Join hands with us to get #CO2seAzaadi for a cleaner, greener city.

Our aim is to enlighten each one of you about your actions and how with each ride you’re contributing for the greater good of the planet!

We not only want to encourage our riders to take carbon-conscious decisions but want every individual to realise and make decisions that matter; matter for the betterment of our planet.

On an average, a BluSmart rider saves 5kgs of Carbon emissions every month, which is equivalent to the amount absorbed by three fully grown trees.

Globally, the temperature is expected to rise by 1.5 degrees celsius which is quite alarming. It is imperative that we all work in unison to prevent any more damage that can happen in the future.

Today, climate change is a problem that affects all of us. Hence, we all need to come together in this fight to turn things around. Even the littlest of contributions by each individual to reduce their carbon footprint can lead to big results!

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