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5 Ways To Increase Your EV's Range Over Time

So finally you decided to have your own EV. Congratulations on that!

Now, it's time to finally hit the road. But, before you do that there are a few concerns about driving an EV.

Topping those concerns firstly, is the range anxiety. Yes, the constant fear of running out of battery in the middle of the road, is always looming over your head, we get it.

Even with the rising EV charging infrastructure across the country, there seems to be this fear of not being able to find a charging point right when you might need it.

Here's how you can ensure that your EV's range is maintained.

5 Ways To Increase Your EV's Range While Driving

1. Driving Like a 'Smooth Operator'

BluSmart EV in Delhi NCR
Drive smooth, drive better, move further.

One of the biggest factors that drain an EV's battery the fastest is the acceleration and speed. Hard braking, excessive acceleration, and launching hard tend to affect the battery's health as well as levels. It is usually preferred to drive by keeping the feet soft on the pedal, which optimizes the acceleration levels of the vehicle.

Secondly, EVs tend to be aerodynamic, but there is the drag from the air at high speeds that also affects the energy that the EV uses to move forward.

2. Being More Aware of the Road

man calling a BluSmart
Indian roads are full of surprises. Being prepared, and driving carefully can be beneficial.

Indian roads are full of surprises. There are potholes, animals, and other elements on the roads which can pose a threat to vehicles travelling at higher speeds.

Travelling at speed limits or below can ensure that the car doesn't have to suffer through external surprises at any point in time and drastically reduce its speed or increase it. Travelling at 80 kmph can take you a lot more than travelling at 100 kmph can.

3. Be Smart About The AC

car ac
Your EV's climate control system can have an effect on its range

According to a study, using the air conditioning system or the heating systems in an EV can reduce its real-world range by up to 17%. Similarly, heating systems in an EV take up a lot of energy from the car's battery. One of the hacks to use when travelling in an EV is to pre-condition the vehicle before travelling, which can help balance the range and comfort.

Furthermore, small steps like parking your electric vehicle under a shade, using a window sunshade, or opening the windows to let the heat out can bring down the temperature before sitting in the cab.

4. Checking Your Tire Pressure

Car tyre treads
Having car tyres with the right treads, and pressure can help an EV go longer.

Good tyres can take you a long way (literally and figuratively). The rolling resistance of the tyres can impact the range of electric vehicles. Under-inflated tyres can bring down the range of an EV, and increase its energy consumption.

This can further lead to further wear and tear of the tyre, and reduce their life too.

Checking the tyre pressure using a portable tyre pressure monitoring system regularly can help in improving the overall ride quality and range of the vehicle.

Keeping the tyre pressure at a range which is recommended by the carmaker is the right move.

5. Plan an Efficient Route

road in Delhi NCR
Planning an efficient route can have a positive impact on your EV's range

Travelling on highways might be beneficial for an internal combustion engined car, but not for an EV. While it does sound amazing to have the wind blowing in your hair, and driving down the highway at high speeds.

Finding alternate routes that might allow you to travel at relatively lower and consistent speeds, can help in optimizing the range of your EV in the longer run.

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