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Driving the change with our women drivers!

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

“We aim to create an earning opportunity for everybody and anybody who aims to work” - Anmol Singh Jaggi, Co-founder BluSmart Mobility.

In the 21st century, with gender roles gradually dissolving, it is very important that each and every individual, irrespective of their gender, is given a fair and equal chance to realize their full potential.

At BluSmart, we’re focused and committed to transforming and building sustainable mobility solutions along with building a gender-balanced workforce wherein everyone comes together and moves forward towards making a difference.

We have always believed in being the harbingers of positive change. And to especially give women an opportunity to work, earn and live life with dignity and respect, we have on-boarded our first batch of women drivers. This is a small step from our side to combat gender stereotypes and make our business more inclusive, diverse and healthy for everyone, irrespective of their gender.

Our first batch of women drivers commenced their duties on 31st May 2021, from our IGI Airport hub.

Women have come a long way in bridging the gender gap that exists in public mobility. One such exemplary example is of Jayanti, a 33-year-old self-made woman. And, today she’s a proud driver partner with BluSmart.

Meet Jayanti - an empowered woman driver with BluSmart

We want to accelerate the world’s switch to sustainable modes of commute for a better future, and also revolutionize workspaces by making gender equality a reality. Through various initiatives, we’ve always made sure that we foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity, and shall continue to do so.

BluSmart wholeheartedly strives to honour & elevate everyone who works with us & thus lead change not just within our business but also for the industry as a whole. In the next one year, we aim to onboard 500 women driver-partners, to have a fair proportion of male and female driver-partners who drive with BluSmart. We hope this initiative bridges the age-old gender gap that still exists in workplaces & drives equality for all!

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