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How Does BluSmart Ensure Zero Cab Cancellations?

When ride-hailing apps entered the Indian markets, back about a decade ago, it was convenient, in fact, revolutionary to some extent. Consumers loved the fact that they could get a cab with a tap on their mobile phones, dethroning the radio taxis of the era.

The extra premium to pay for instant cabs, and travel in style became the new normal for metros around the country.

But, with the instant gratification, came a ton of other problems that riders had to deal with when getting a cab.

Higher than ever surge prices, unhygienic cabs, unruly drivers, and incessant cab cancellations by the cab drivers. At the end of the day, getting ‘the perfect’ cab ride via a ride-hailing service depended more on your luck for the day than any other factor.

To address this, we (BluSmart, duh?) came into the picture in 2019. The year when ride-hailing apps’ malpractices were at their peak, and consumers were looking for a friendlier and more sustainable option for their day-to-day requirements.

BluSmart keeps zero driver cancellations a fundamental promise, and we will keep on doing so.

But, what goes behind that one promise? A lot. Let’s find out how BluSmart ensures zero cab cancellations for its riders.

Cab Riders Marred By Cab Cancellations

As per a survey that took place in 2022, a staggering 79 percent of respondents said that cancellations by their cab drivers were the biggest issue they faced.

What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that at times drivers from the ride-hailing apps tend to ask the riders themselves to cancel a ride in fear of paying cancellation charges.

This has been a common practice, which is faced by customers when trying to book a cab.

To stop this, and to work towards other issues faced by cab riders, measures had to be taken.

How Do We Do That?: BluSmart’s Zero Driver Cancellations Policy

BluSmart Hub in Bengaluru
BluSmart Hub in Bengaluru

Zero driver-partner cancellations seemed to be a big promise to many when we launched.

However, it was something instilled within us including zero peak hour surge prices, and sustainable zero tailpipe emissions goals that we created for ourselves. To this day, zero cab cancellations by our driver-partners are a promise we are proud of.

This is how we ensure that our riders get a comfortable, zero cancellation and hassle-free ride experience.

  1. Our in-app algorithm is designed to ensure that any of the BluSmart driver-partners don’t have to travel a lot for their next pick-up location, hence saving them a lot of extra kilometers and reducing an element of uncertainty.

  2. With our state-of-the-art, BluSmart Hubs present around the city, our team and systems ensure that every Hub can cater to a predetermined geographical location that enables our driver-partners to cater to that ride efficiently.

  3. The final ride is allocated to the driver-partner by our in-built systems, taking a lot of factors into consideration. While the driver-partners can inform us in exceptional cases where they would like us to reconsider the allocated ride, they cannot cancel the ride from their end.

  4. Finally, our driver-partners ensure that they arrive at every location right on time or even before the stipulated pickup time. In order to acknowledge their time, we ensure that they are being fairly compensated for their efforts. Hence, to make the entire experience fair, we ensure that any last-minute cancellations are being considered and looked into by compensating the driver-partners.

Conclusion: What’s Up Next?

BluSmart Cabs in Bengaluru
BluSmart Cabs in Bengaluru

Since our inception, we’ve wanted to provide a seamless, stress-free cab ride experience for every rider.

A truly sustainable option isn’t just environmentally sustainable, but it should be reliable and trustworthy enough to be used continuously and on a regular basis, so it eventually becomes a habit.

As we grow, add more EVs to our fleet, and expand our networks of hubs, we aim towards ensuring an overall easy-to-use, efficient, and sustainable cab service.

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