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A Rental Day Out: 5 Ways You Can Use BluSmart Rental Cabs

BluSmart cabs
Tried BluSmart Rental Cabs yet?

How does it feel to own a car without actually owning it? Yup, we are completely in our senses and aren’t imagining things.

Want to know how it feels? Get a BluSmart Rental today.

Enjoy the flexibility of sorting your day out, while being on the move. Whether it’s your business meetings or a fun day out with your friends and family, a Rental provides you with the flexibility of moving around town with ease.

Read more about how Rentals can be your ride for the day!

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5 Ways You Can Use BluSmart Rental Cabs

BluSmart Rental Cabs Bengaluru
Book a BluSmart Rental Cab in Bengaluru and Delhi NCR today

Got a lot planned for the day? Simply book a BluSmart Rental and sort your day out on the move. Here are a few ways (and more) by which you can utilise BluSmart Rentals cabs.

  1. Business Meetings Hopping on from one meeting to another? A BluSmart Rental is what you need. Simply book a BluSmart Rental for multiple hours, and add your stops on the move. No stress of rushing to the location, or driving through the traffic. Sit back, and make those last-minute changes in your presentation too, while your driver-partner helps you reach your meeting safely, and on time.

  2. Day out with family Need the perfect way to move around on the weekends? Ditch the personal vehicle, and the constant stress of worrying about your car for the day, and book a BluSmart Rental. Enjoy a movie, shop around, and visit multiple locations, all of it with a BluSmart Rental. With ample space and legroom, get the comfort of your own car, and shop all you want, because our jumbo boot space will handle it all!

  3. Sorting out your household chores Do you know what makes the weekend grocery shopping a little more fun? Doing it with BluSmart Rentals. Take your weekend checklist out, tick off all the boxes and visit all those spots in BluSmart Rentals. Whether it’s shopping for groceries, or getting that one thing you've been procrastinating done, your BluSmart Rental will be by your side.

  4. Festivals, parties, and gatherings Diwali parties or Eid gatherings? Or simply visiting your family for a get-together? Simply, book your BluSmart Rental, and think about the amazing time you’re going to spend, instead of worrying about driving throughout the day or finding a parking spot.

  5. Tourists for a day Feel like becoming a tourist in your own city for the day? Go for it, and a Rental will be by your side. Pack your picnic bags, water bottles, and a list of places you want to visit. You don’t need to worry about the weekend rush and the traffic jams with a BluSmart Rental by your side. Plus, all those extra bucks you save on fuel and parking charges at these different spots. Not a bad deal now, isn’t it?

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Benefits of BluSmart Rentals Cabs

BluSmart Rental Cabs for a day out in Delhi NCR
BluSmart Rental Cabs for a day out in Delhi NCR

Doesn’t matter how you are using your BluSmart Rental for the day, you will always have your Rental by your side.

  1. Your cab for the day Have a cab with you for an entire day, depending on the duration and the distance you want to travel. You can book a cab for as short as an hour to up to 18 hours. Book your ride, and add steps on the way, as you travel.

  2. No hassles with parking Tired of finding the right parking spot during rush hours around the city? Book a BluSmart Rental and travel stress-free without having to park your vehicle, and pay for extra hourly parking charges.

  3. No driving during rush hours If you are someone who has driven during the rush hour traffic in Bengaluru or Delhi NCR, you definitely understand what it takes. Take that stress of driving during the rush hours away by booking a comfortable BluSmart Rental. So, just hop on, relax and sort your work out while sitting in the backseat.

  4. Sort your day out, on the move Errands, meetings, outings- a BluSmart Rental can do it all. Book a BluSmart Rental and sort your day out at every step, with a Rental by your side. Enjoy the flexibility of going places, instead of booking a cab after every stop. Ride for as long as you want, and add stops as and when you require.

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How To Book Your BluSmart Rental?

Here’s how you can easily book a BluSmart Rental from the BluSmart app.

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Tap on the Rentals button on the BluSmart app

  2. Select the package on the basis of hours and kilometres

  3. Confirm the type of BluSmart you want to go for Blu Classic sedans or a Premium SUV

  4. Select your pickup time

  5. Review the fare

  6. Confirm your ride and your ride’s on the way!

Takeaway: Book Your BluSmart Rental Cabs Today

BluSmart cab near Ambience Mall Gurugram
BluSmart Rental Cabs for the perfect day out!

Heading out? Book a BluSmart Rental today and experience the ultimate luxury of having your own car for the day.

Enjoy multiple stops, multiple hours, and multiple kilometres, all of it from your BluSmart Rental.

Find out the best Rental packages, the time slot that suits you, and the type of cab you want to select, either a sedan or an SUV in the form of a Premium or a Classic Rental.

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