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5 Reasons You'll Love BluSmart Premium Rentals

What if we told you that you can move around lavishly around the city in an SUV and save the planet at the same time?

Sounds ironic?

Well, it isn’t.

We present to you our all-new: Premium Rentals.

Now, with Premium Rentals, you can book a luxurious electric cab with just a tap and roam around the city without worrying about last-moment cancellations.

Need more reasons to try out the Premium Rental? Keep on reading, as we present five reasons why you will love the Premium Rentals from BluSmart.

A Plush Ride

blusmart premium rental

Tap, sit and go. That’s all you need to do when you book a premium rental from your BluSmart app.

As you book your multi-hour rental ride, a swanky MG ZS EV or Hyundai Kona comes to your doorstep and takes you on your mission for the day in this comfortable and silent vehicle.

Now, that’s what we call luxury.

Safer Than Ever

blusmart premium rental

Trust us, we understand your concerns. With the cases rising and the yearn to remain safe at an all-time high, we have ensured you have nothing to worry about.

Every Blusmart Premium Rental vehicle is regularly sanitized after every trip and each of our driver-partners is completely vaccinated. What else? We ensure that there’s ample airflow within the car to ensure proper circulation of fresh air.

Oh yes, and please don’t forget your masks when you hop on in the vehicle. That’s all you need to do.

Ride in Luxury & Save The Planet

MG ZS EV electric cab

When we say luxury, we mean a host of services you get when you book a Premium Rental BluSmart for the day.

Every premium BluSmart comes equipped with a host of features and gives you a never-before experience. And, while you’re enjoying your luxury electric cab, feel proud of yourself. Why so?

Because you’re saving the planet. BluSmart’s #BluRevolution aims at improving the quality of air in India’s metro cities. Within our existence, and through our efforts towards a reliable, safe, and electric urban mobility solution, we’ve traveled 15 million + kilometers and curbed 1000+ tonnes of CO2.

So, every time you sit in a BluSmart cab, you are saving the planet with your own hands. Pat yourself on the back!

Ample Leg Room

Who says bringing change has to be harsh and uncomfortable?

You can bring change while being driven around the city, stretching your legs in a noiseless vehicle. Yes, that’s what. With our fleet of SUVs, you can unwind yourself after a busy day around the city and focus on your stuff, as our driver-partners take you places.

Chauffeur-Driven Experience

Got done with your work, and waiting for the cab to arrive? That’s passe.

Now, Premium Rentals arrive in style and leave with an impact. Get done with your work and a cab waits for you. Our driver partners ensure that you don’t touch any of the surfaces and open the gate for you. Moreover, as you get ready for your next destination, the driver ensures you reach there on time.

What Are You Waiting For?

We, at BluSmart, are constantly evolving our services to give the best possible experience to our valued patrons like you!

As we move further in our journey, Premium Rentals is an addition to our host of services, curated to suit the need of our riders & still be good for the environment. Oh, and did we tell you that these rentals come with all the other BluSmart perks? Zero cancellation, flat fares, and no surge pricing?

That’s right. Book your plush Premium Rental today and join the #BluRevolution.

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