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BluSmart Express Rides: Now Get a Ride in A Tap

cab in front of a building in Gurgaon
BluSmart Express Rides now available in Gurugram

At BluSmart, our primary focus has always been to make India a country that doesn’t have to face issues, when it comes to cab-based mobility.

Back when we launched our services in 2019, the country had a duopolistic ride-hailing market in place. With the major chunk of the market being held by two of the biggest players in the country.

However, most of the customers used to complain about incessant cab cancellations, last-minute surge prices, unhygienic cabs, and an unresponsive support system for the customers in the space.

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While that still remains true, we’re constantly making an effort to ensure that there exists an atmosphere that focuses more on serving the customers better at every step. A great customer experience is always great for the entire market.

Adding to our existing set of offerings, we’ve added Express Rides. Learn more about it here

What are Express Rides by BluSmart?

man standing in front of cab
Tap. Sit. Zoom.

For first-time readers, let us explain our current experience of booking a ride.

Customers can book their rides up to 48 hrs in advance, in predefined time slots.

This allows us to predetermine the demand, and hence, ensure that our driver-partners are informed about the ride beforehand. Informing about the rides prior to the scheduled time, allows our driver-partners to reach the pickup location right on time.

This further helps us ensure that our customers don’t have to pay an additional surge price due to a demand-supply disequilibrium.

With Express Rides, we aim to deliver on our same promises of zero driver cancellations, zero surge prices, and the same BluSmart experience with every cab ride.

While the regular BluSmart bookings remain intact for your scheduled plans, our Express Rides will be able to fulfill your requirements for last-moment cab rides.

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Things To Know About Express Rides

Enjoy rides on the spot, with BluSmart Express

The Express Rides offerings will be fulfilled via a dense network of our driver-partners available within a specific geographical location who are in close proximity to the customer demanding a ride.

As customers demand quicker rides by keeping the quality of rides intact, Express Rides will be run as a program that caters within a specific time frame.

The Express Rides service is going to be available between 11 AM and 4 PM every day within specific predetermined zones in Gurugram. Popular areas such as Artemis Hospital, Sector 29, Gurugram, Golf Course Road, Ambience Mall, Cyber Hub, Udyog Vihar, etc will fall under this offering.

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Making Mobility Better

Express Rides in Gurgaon
Express Rides in Gurgaon

After running the program for a specified period, we’ll be able to garner the best responses and pivot accordingly.

At BluSmart, we’re envisioning a new way of mobility for India. While our service offerings ensure a better mobility experience for our customers, our love and belief in electric mobility are helping India achieve its dream of an EV-inclusive future.

A better future awaits more than a billion people, and we believe that it will be Blu!

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