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Blu Prive: Unlock the world of unlimited benefits!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

“Ever wanted to make a difference?

Wished your actions would contribute to the greater good?”

Today, the world faces an unprecedented challenge. With a pandemic raging and the environment standing on the brink of a climatic meltdown, the situation is only worsening day by day.

But, we present to you an opportunity to become a trailblazer and lead the much-needed change by being a part of an exclusive league of riders who have the potential to transform the world by switching to a cleaner, greener and electric mode of commute.

It’s more than a league of riders, it’s an initiative to create a community where like-minded people come together to save our planet with each ride at a time.

Blu Prive, an exclusive, invite-only community, was conceived with the idea of rewarding the people who have taken a stand for the greater good of our planet by joining the #BluRevolution. Blu Prive has been thoughtfully designed for the people who are ready to bring much-needed change and to be the torchbearers of saving our planet from the current crisis.

Every crisis contains the possibility of transformation. And, sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, said Mandela.

The problem isn’t new, but an enduring one.

However, here we are to help you bring the change.

All you have to do is opt for BluSmart while you’re stepping out. Be it for work, for play or for fun! And, sit back in the backseat of our premium electric sedan and save our planet from harmful emissions that are constantly destroying our environment.

Once you’ve earned 300 points by travelling with BluSmart for the greater good of our planet, you unlock Blu Prive.

Not only you’re becoming Nature’s saviour but you’re unlocking the world of unlimited benefits!

Why Unlock Blu Prive?

1. Access to recurring rides!

With automated scheduling, enjoy the delight of not booking a ride every time. We’re happy to make your ride with us a stress-free one!

2. Surprise offers and discounts!

We want to make sure that you’re always on the move and are on the frontline when it comes to saving nature. And, once you’re done doing that all you have to do is sit back and relax, and enjoy exclusive discounts and offers that are curated especially for you.

3. First access to our newest features!

We want to make you feel special and want you to be the first one’s in the club to experience our newest upgrades and features. We know making a difference can be a stressful task sometimes, but we will always be there to ease up it for you at every step.

Blu Prive is a novel and one of a kind loyalty programme that wholeheartedly rewards the change-makers who are always on the move and love nature as much as we do!

Let us all come together and take a step towards the betterment of our planet instead of becoming a victim of our making.

Let’s turn the skies blue again, one ride at a time!

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