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Blu For Business: Why Your Organisation Should Partner RIGHT NOW?

A business has a lot of things to worry about. If one looks at it, most of it revolves around the people who make up an organization.

Providing the best benefits, serving the best returns, and retaining good people by improving the overall experience of the organization, are one of the key goals that any organization strives to achieve, irrespective of the industry they are in.

To make the overall experience of any employee even better, one of the most important things would be how they move around to and for work.

That’d make up for a large chunk of the perception of an organization. Moreover, helping an employee, a client, or any important stakeholder of an organization, to move efficiently, without delays, and without an additional cost is also in the best interest of the company too.

This is where Blu For Business comes into the picture.

Let us understand how Blu for Business can help provide the best-in-class mobility solutions for a business.

What is Blu For Business?

BluSmart EV cabs Gurugram and Bengaluru
The perfect mobility solution for every business

Blu For Business is the B2B arm of BluSmart’s mobility solutions.

It is a specially curated program for businesses that are always on the move and want to assess and require the right mobility solutions for themselves and their teams.

With Blu For Business’s transparent and easy-to-use setup, businesses can quickly set up a reliable solution for their employees to commute without any hassles.

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How Does Blu For Business Work?

BluSmart cab in Gurugram
BluSmart's flexible Blu For Business services

Starting with Blu For Business for your organization is very easy, and can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. Add your employees to the BluSmart Business dashboard

  2. Add the required funds to the Business wallet or allow employees to book a BluSmart for themselves, and get it billed to the organization, allowing a flexible mode of transportation

  3. Create rides for any purpose simply by accessing the BluSmart Business dashboard

  4. Track all the scheduled, past and ongoing rides, invoices, expenses, and more from a consolidated dashboard, curated just for you

  5. Enable the auto-pay feature that pays for any ride created via the dashboard

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Why Should Your Organization Partner Today?

Benefits of Blu for Business
Endless benefits for our Blu For Business partners

Blu For Business is easy to use, convenient to set up, and has tons of added benefits. Here are some of them.

  1. Convenient Payment Plans: Businesses can choose from various payment options, and add funds to their Business Wallet within seconds. No prior approvals and no additional setups are required.

  2. Better Cost Management: BluSmart offers zero surge prices even during peak hours. Moreover, an easy-to-use dashboard makes it efficient to track and monitor all expenses.

  3. Better Management: Once again, with a better and transparent dashboard, comes better decision-making, tracking, and reporting of expenses. Plus, the guarantee of zero cab cancellations is handy for reliable airport rides and business meetings. Every important stakeholder can access the dashboard and understand the expenses, and rides that have taken place during a specific period of time.

  4. Top-notch Safety: With BluSmart, comes the guarantee of trust and safety. Our dedicated 24x7 support team, live ride tracking, and sharing for your employees to share their live location with their loved ones with GPS-enabled cars, first aid kits, and in-built speed governors, ensure that every ride you take is fulfilled in terms of safety. Every BluSmart driver-partner is verified and their backgrounds are thoroughly checked before they are onboarded to the workforce.

  5. Priority Customer Experience: Every Blu For Business partner gets a dedicated relationship manager, to help them through any issues or queries that they might have.

  6. Your first step towards a better future: With an increased focus on sustainability, and green goals, every organization is focusing on how to take steps for a more sustainable future. Why should your business be left behind? With a monthly carbon savings report to track the CO2 your business saved by opting for BluSmart EVs, noiseless cabs, and eliminating any SCOPE 3 emissions, your business will always be a step ahead.

Give Your Business the Benefit of Blu With Blu For Business

BluSmart EV cabs in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Partner with Blu For Business today

As organizations grow, they need to develop initiatives that their employees appreciate and other external stakeholders.

With Blu For Business, businesses can focus on the important things, leaving the mobility solutions to us.

Your Blu For Business partnership comes with better infrastructure, a transparent model that enables businesses to stay in control of their costs and daily rides, plus our expertise in the mobility arena serves as the perfect concoction for your mobility requirements.

Our existing partners include the Taj Group, Apollo Tyres, Medanta, MG Motors, and the National Skill Development Corporation among others.

Partner with Blu For Business today and get additional benefits, which helps your business move above and beyond.

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