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Accelerating the Transition to Electric Mobility: Introducing Assure by BluSmart

In recent years, the global urgency to address climate change has driven a shift towards sustainability. In India, where mobility and energy contribute nearly 12% of carbon emissions, the transportation sector's heavy reliance on fossil fuels constitutes 50% of oil demand.

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer a sustainable solution, running on electricity and eliminating tailpipe emissions.

Assure by BluSmart: A one of its kind opportunity.

As the world races to combat climate change, BluSmart's vision focuses on scaling decarbonization in the mobility sector, recognizing the need for innovative opportunities and collaboration with stakeholders to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric mobility in India and beyond.

Over the last half a decade, BluSmart has scaled from zero to 6.000. However the challenge and also the opportunity - which remains much larger - about 100,000 fossil fuel and CNG cabs run in just NCR and Bangalore today, leaving massive work to be done on transitioning existing fleets to EVs.

To propel this transition, BluSmart presents a unique investment opportunity called Assure by BluSmart, aimed at democratising the clean mobility mission.

Introducing Assure By BluSmart

person sitting in a BluSmart cab in Delhi NCR
Introducing Assure by BluSmart

Assure by BluSmart is a solution that enables retail and institutional investors with capital access to participate in financing the transition to electric vehicles.

The program operates on a simple premise: investors purchase electric cars and lease them to BluSmart, earning fixed monthly returns from the revenue these cars generate.

4 Things You Should Know About Assure by BluSmart

  1. Predictable Monthly Returns: Through Assure by BluSmart, investors receive 14% IRR predictable and attractive monthly rentals as returns against the deployment of Evs. Unlike many financial investments, there is a constant income stream through the lifecycle of the lease period and your capital isn’t locked in.

  2. End of Term Resale Option:  Investors retain ownership of the electric vehicles throughout the 48-month lease period. At the end of the term, they can resell the vehicles to empanelled third parties, providing flexibility and further improvement in the returns on investment.

  3. Tax Benefits: Investing in EVs through Assure by BluSmart offers tax benefits, further enhancing the program's attractiveness for investors. Electric vehicles are applicable for a 40% depreciation credit.

  4. End-to-end Account Management Support: BluSmart provides end-to-end account management support to investors participating in Assure by BluSmart. From facilitating the car purchase to delivery and buyback, investors can rely on BluSmart and their strategic partners for seamless assistance. Additionally, they get a real-time update on the status of the EVs, the number of trips completed and the total amount of CO2 saved through a digital portal.

Assure by Blusmart beckons all who harbour a passion for sustainability and financial prosperity to step forward.

Whether you're an individual, driven by the desire to shrink carbon footprints, an institutional entity committed to impactful and sustainable investments, or a visionary entrepreneur seeking to diversify through EV funding, Assure by Blusmart extends its inclusive arms to embrace you.

Takeaway: Ensuring a Better Future with Assure

Enrolling in Assure by BluSmart is not just a mere transaction; it's an invitation to become an architect of change in the realm of transportation.

It's about seizing the opportunity to weave your aspirations for a cleaner, brighter future into the fabric of reality.

Whether you're dipping your toes with multiple electric car investments or diving headfirst into a portfolio expansion, BluSmart stands ready to guide you on this transformative journey.

Together, let's transcend mere investment; let's catalyse a movement towards a world where sustainability and prosperity intertwine seamlessly.

Embrace Assure by BluSmart today and carve your legacy in the annals of a greener, smarter tomorrow.


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