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Top 5 reasons to choose BluSmart for your next airport ride!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Going for a vacay or for a business trip - one must be prepared. From shopping for the right outfit to pick up the much-needed travel essentials, the struggle is real.

But, it just doesn’t end here.

Having a little time to unwind before leaving is something we all look forward to. But, reaching on time, without any hassles is just a dream come true for some.

Well, we’re here to put a full stop to all your pre-travel struggles.

Here are 5 reasons why you should BluSmart your way to the airport:

1. Flat Fares for pocket-friendly rides! If you’re tired of paying an unnecessary surge charge every time you book a cab, then you should definitely switch to BluSmart’s electric cabs. No matter the time of the day and the location you’ve to travel to, our taxis will never charge you surge. Our flat fares airport cab service is available from each and every corner of Delhi and Gurgaon!

2. Jumbo Boot space...

Enough to take but no boot space? Don’t you worry! Our electric cabs come with 2x Boot space that’ll take care of all your luggage. No more travelling in multiple taxis and stressing over the baggage. Our all-electric taxis have got you covered!

3. Stress-free travel!

Not even a daredevil would want to drive to the airport during peak hours! Avoid the hustle and bustle of the city by booking a BluSmart for the Airport. And, relax in the backseat of our noiseless, premium, electric cabs before you fly high in the blue skies.

4. Dedicated Electric-Cabs for the Airport!

Worried about whether your cab will reach you on time? Or whether you’ll get stuck in traffic forever? Or whether the cancel culture by the cabs will spare you or not? The answer to all your worries is BluSmart. Our dedicated airport cabs will reach you before time and drop you at the airport on time, always.

5. Dedicated pick-up zone...

Well, taking you to the airport isn’t just what we do. If you’re coming back from a vacay or are in town for a business trip, make sure that you book a BluSmart from our kiosk located at T3. Now, no need to wait at the airport and spend time tracking your taxi. Just book a BluSmart and hop inside our cab as we’ll come to you without making you wait!

Happy Vacay-yea-yea to you!

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