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Book a BluSmart and get 50% off to and from the vaccination centres in Delhi and Gurugram!

Updated: May 21, 2021

In January 2021, India launched the world’s largest vaccination drive for its citizens to curb the spread of the raging virus. Vaccinating the masses is the key to overcoming this pandemic and getting back to our lives, as we knew it pre-covid.

While the vaccination drive had started in full swing earlier this year, the uncalled second wave in April 2021 brought with it a series of unforeseen challenges. One of them being, hampering the access to vaccination for lakhs of citizens.

That’s when we, at BluSmart, embarked on a mission to help people reach their vaccination appointments safely.

As the COVID 19 cases rose exponentially in our country, we wanted to do our bit by contributing to the well-being of our community. We aim to mobilize as many people as we can so that everyone gets a fair shot at getting a shot!

Our goal is to help boost the Government of India’s initiative to vaccinate the masses along with helping thousands of people from Delhi and Gurugram to be safe and secure while they’re on the move.

Now don’t think twice before booking a cab, as we’re offering a discount of 50% on all clean and hygienic BluSmart rides, to and from the vaccination centers. If you have a vaccination appointment in Delhi or in Gurgaon, just book a BluSmart, and our electric cabs in Delhi and Gurugram will be at your doorstep.

We have always taken pride in being the safest electric cabs in Delhi and Gurugram by implementing stringent safety measures. Whether it’s installing safety cockpits or updating the driver-partners health status, timely taxi sanitization time, and updating the driver partner’s vaccination status on the BluSmart cab booking app, we’ve made sure that you’re #SaferAlways with us.

If you’re eligible for vaccination or someone you know who is, book your/their vaccine slot and a BluSmart electric cab to avail the discount. In case you aren’t able to avail the offer, please call us on +91 8287000500.

Now, don’t wait, vaccinate!

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