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5 Things EV Owners Are Tired of Hearing in India

If you have ever owned an EV or own one currently, it might feel like a silent, stress-free money-saving life.

However, had you ever thought, that half of your time would go into answering questions about that EV of yours? Well, that’s one of the pros or cons (depends on how you look at them really) of owning an electric vehicle in India.

While things have started taking shape, and there’s a seemingly larger percentage of the population aware of the concept & traits of an EV, there still are some curious eyes and minds out there.

Here are the 5 things that EV owners in India are tired of hearing.

“Kitna deti hai?”

EV in Delhi
EVs in Delhi

Irrespective of what you buy in this country. If it moves and has wheels, then everyone’s going to ask you this question. The question remains the same if you have an electric vehicle in India too.

While for an IC engined vehicle the question is around the car’s mileage, for electric vehicles it is about the range of your vehicle. Electric cars tend to have a claimed range and a real-life range, which takes into consideration all the real-world factors affecting your car’s performance.

For instance, the MG ZS EV (you’ll find these in our fleet) have a real-world range of around 400 kilometres on one full charge.

“Don’t you think it’s too expensive?”

Running costs of EV
Running costs of EV

Earlier, it might have been. But, things are changing for the good now. Historically, electric vehicles have had a price premium attached to them, when compared to ICE vehicles.

However, in the last few years, this has been changing. The EV industry has gained due to a ton of initiatives which are into play, to ensure lesser emissions by fuel-based vehicles on the road.

Tax cuts, subsidies and easy import of raw materials have turned out to provide an impetus to the overall EV enthusiasm in the country.

Moreover, as the competition in the space rises, it is evident that every manufacturer will vie for a competitive price, better features and an overall improvement of the offerings available to a consumer.

“Are EVs useful for everyday use?”

Well, it is actually better for everyday use. Hear us out.

Driving an EV in a city has its own benefits over driving an ICE vehicle in the city. While a fuel-based engine tends to perform better in cruise-like conditions, on a highway, an EV utilizes the constant city braking for its benefits.

So, every time your EV brakes or coasts, (basically isn’t accelerating), it is producing energy that is redirected to the battery. Now, whenever someone asks you this question, you know what to tell them.

“Doesn’t it feel weird to drive?”

That’s true for any new vehicle you take up to drive. Yes, the eery silence and no engine revs might take you some time to get used to, but it’s a benefit in disguise.

You get a quieter cabin and a comfortable driving experience. Why should it feel weird? It’s actually amazing.

“What if it runs out of charge?”

EV charging stations in Delhi NCR
EV charging stations in Delhi NCR

This is a question, that actually shows their concern. Moreover, it is actually a good question.

However, the good news is that you might already have a solution if and when your EV runs out of battery. For instance, Delhi alone has 597 charging stations and 825 charging points, with most of them situated in South Delhi.

So, if you’re an EV owner there’s nothing major to fret about.

Experience the #EV-olution with BluSmart

Zero cancellation, BluSmart cabs in Delhi NCR
Zero cancellation, BluSmart cabs in Delhi NCR

While there are a lot of questions about EVs, we at BluSmart have got the answers.

Ride around town in a BluSmart cab to experience the #EVolution first-hand. Not only are we bringing electric vehicles to the mainstream, but are also revitalizing the mobility and ride-hailing industry.

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