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5 EV News That Show Their Bright Future in India

BluSmart cab EV charging station
The future of EVs looks bright in India

What if someone randomly asks you about your opinion on EVs in India? What’d be the first thing that you say?

When it comes to changing the current trends and practices, it takes a lot of effort, resources and time. You tend to have good days, and absolutely bad ones too. However, when it comes to electric vehicles in India, there are developments which constantly showcase the rising support and positive adoption towards them.

From government push to overall customer awareness, the positive steps taken in the right direction are finally showing results.

Here are five of the latest news pieces that point to a bright future for EVs in India.

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Do you think EVs are on the right track in India?

  • Yes, definitely!

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Latest Positive EV News in India

Adoption by states

Apart from the central government, what’s even encouraging to see is the consistently growing and expanding support for EVs in Indian states.

As the central government rolls out its EV plans, the Indian states are acting in favour of the future-first plans. According to Transport Policy, 20 states have a finalised EV policy or a draft policy in place, to cater to the rising EV supply and demand.

While the overall objectives of the policy remain somewhat similar for all the states, they are developed to cater for their own individual needs at city or state levels.

Major brands lining up

From a very concentrated market with a few players, the EV market has expanded further in the last few years. This expansion has seen entry by some of the biggest carmakers of the country and newly-founded startups.

The country has seen a rise of carmakers transitioning towards EVs in a predominantly ICE market.

With some of the biggest car manufacturers mulling the launch (and already launched) their own range of EVs, the overall customer sentiment and confidence seems positive.

Setting the right standards

The EV market has seen governing bodies and authorities look into setting the right standards to maintain quality and overall development as an industry as a whole.

In the latest developments, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has decided to develop standards and guidelines for EV batteries. The initiative will begin from two-wheelers and will be gradually expanded to four-wheelers.

This will make the overall EV space much more streamlined and uniform across the country, further allowing a national EV policy to come into play.

Furthermore, in order to strengthen the EV charging infrastructure and push the overall adoption of electric vehicles, the Union Ministry of Power has released a set of guidelines for individual EV charging stations as well as public ones. This step has been taken keeping in mind the concerns of customers and organizations.

Constant research & development

The new components that the EV market is bringing into the country, require research and development on a consistent basis. This is being done in an effective manner.

One primary example of this is the Automotive Research Association of India’s Centres of Excellence for Electric Vehicles and their auxiliary components.

Reducing the price parity

In a recent event, the minister for road transport & highway, Mr Nitin Gadkari made a statement about matching the prices of an electric vehicle with that of an internal combustion engine vehicle.

While there might not be a timeline for the same, as things have historically been, the mass consumption and usage of any commodity would lead to a better supply and demand equilibrium. This can eventually lead to a better-priced EV in the future.

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Electric Vehicles in India: Moving at the right momentum?

BluSmart cab Ambience Mall Gurgaon
Bringing EVs into the mainstream

As India evolves gradually, things are only going to improve for electric vehicles. Whether it’s the infrastructure, the raw materials or the final product itself. What we require at the moment is the right amount of awareness around electric vehicles.

India is picking pace when it comes to going electric, and so are we. At BluSmart, our vision to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream and utilise their capabilities to solve the issues that mar the current ride-hailing industry is picking pace.

As we expand and add more cabs to our fleet, we are looking forward to keeping EVs and their development at the forefront.

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